W-12701 Acoustic Guitar

If you do not engage with music professionally and you do not want to give for a guitar huge amount of money, the acoustic guitar Flight W-12701 is the right choice for you. For the price of € 125.00  it offers you a lot and much more.



PlayLux Guitar

Flight Music Instruments has succeeded once again in providing the perfect instruments for global players! We give you a sneak peak at creativity and inventive development of quality guitars.


Flight AD200 Acoustic PlayLux Guitar features innovative ergonomic design, which allows you easier and more comfortable playing. The upper front plate of this guitar is curved, so that it provides more ergonomic access to it. Playing a guitar has never been easier!



Flight Auto-tuners

We are happy to announce the arrival of our new tuners!

FAT-64 is an automatic guitar tuner which switches on and off when put to vertical or horizontal position. No more buttons!

FTC-77 is a chromatic tuner, that can tune a guitar, bass, violin or even ukulele. 

Both have a very attractive price-tag. Don't miss the chance to try another great product from Flight!


Click here for more specifications!

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