Made in China – Yay or Nay? Part 1

How did you react, when you found out, that your favourite brand produces ukuleles and other musical instruments in China? Not sure? Well, don't worry. Behind that descision, there are couple of interesting facts and reasons, which we will explain you during our China ukulele factory tour in march 2016.

Did you know, that in the year 2000, there were only three major ukulele manufacturers in the world? These were mosty small companies with handmade instruments. Now it seems almost every ukulele has a »Made in China« stamp on it. Why do companies choose to make their wooden instrumens in countries, like China?


  • the costs are smaller,
  • manufactor workers have experience and knowledge,
  • specialized factories invest constantly in new improvements,
  • the wood selection is wider.

These listed improvements will focus on even better quality, growing sales, and increasing output. The quality of a ukulele is primarily dependent on the type of wood used, so that's why manufacturers are constantly looking for new wood sources, which will mean more consistent sound quality.

To be continued....

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