UKULELE BEGINNERS: Most frequently asked questions

Which ukulele should I buy?

As a beginner you will most likely buy a less expensive ukulele, rather than expensive one. As you might know, there are 4 different styles of ukuleles:

  • soprano ukulele is the most common uke. It is recognized by its small size and classic ukulele sound. Soprano size is often chosen by beginners. It is on average 21” long, and has anywhere from 12-14 frets.
  • concert ukulele measures 23” long and has 15-20 frets. Because it's a little bigger than soprano uke, some people with large hands find it easier. It also has a slightly fuller sound than a soprano.
  • The next step up from is the tenor ukulele. The tenor ukulele is 26” long and has 15+ frets. It has an even richer sound than the concert ukulele, and has the ability to reach more notes because of its extended fretboard.
  • The largest ukulele is the baritone ukulele, which is 30” or more and has 19+ frets. It is tuned the same way as the four lowest strings on a guitar, which makes the two instruments very similar. Because of its size, it loses the classic ukulele sound, but is a good option if you want really full, rich music.

Which wood has the best sound?

All wood types differ from each other and of course your »taste« is different, too. But it's good to know basics:

A very common wood used mostly for guitars and ukuleles. Majority of ukuleles have spruce tops and rosewood or mahogany backs and sides. Spruce is considered to be a strong wood and it has very bright and rich tone.

As spruce, mahogany is also very popular in guitar and ukulele making. Mahogany provides bright trebly sounds and many agree, it presents best value for quality.

Mango's heartwood is usualy golden brown, while other colors such as yellow and streaks of pink and/or black can also occur. Mango is considered to be more sustainable wood and it provides a warm and bright tone, similar to walnut.

African Burl
African burl has more greenish/greyish shades, with dark streaks of burl, giving it an original and special outlook. Mango and Africal Burl have great resonance and clear bright sound.

How to hold ukulele?

Note that the ukulele is cradled by the right arm, between your wrist/forearm and body. The index finger of the right hand is extended and is used to strum the strings, right at the place where the neck of the ukulele meets the body. Don't strum near the hole. The fingernail of the index finger faces the ground, so that the back of the nail strums the strings on the way down, then the tip of the finger and nail strum on the way back up. The ukulele is held high on your body. Continue reading....

How to strum a ukulele?

For quick lessons, click HERE.

Where can I find good ukulele tutorials?

Well, The Ukulele Teacher has a variety of popular tutorials, which are pretty easy to learn. Check his youtube account, he has more than 465.000 subscribers! You WILL be able to play a song after your first lesson!

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