THE UKULELE TEACHER LIVE: Grab your uke, make sure it’s in tune....

Last week we hosted a very special guest in Ljubljana – the one and only Ukulele Teacher!

The Ukulele Teacher is without any doubt Youtube’s most influential ukulele Vlogger and if you haven't heard of him then you must check out his channel right now! John Atkins takes a great pride in what he does and we were very lucky that we were one of the first companies he chose to collaborate with.

During years of our relationship he became a proud owner of quite a few FLIGHT ukuleles, however, we had never actually met in person! We decided it was finally time for John to visit our office, located in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Ljubljana is rightfully called »the hidden gem of Europe« since it is very peaceful, quiet and green. It was great to walk its streets together with John. We also drove for a day trip to nearby Venice and indulged in many of the ice cream tastes Italy and Ljubljana offer.

After booking the plane tickets for John we realised that there might be other people in town interested in meeting him, so we decided to hold a small ukulele gathering outdoors.  The word got out and even though the weather was not in our favour, the most passionate ukulele players still found their way to Čolnarna in Tivoli park.

It was magical to see The Ukulele Teacher live on stage with his trademark “Grab your uke, make sure it is in tune…” catchphrase. It set the mood for the whole evening! John taught us to play about 6 songs, and it was a lot of fun to see everyone playing together at the same time. The ukulele is truly uniting people.

To our surprise, there was no lack of girls willing to help John sing a few songs! Not only they were not shy to go on stage, they also were great at singing (hooray girls, you know who you are)!

Also at the event was the Ukulele Club Slovenia. Their leader, Carlos Yoder, also came up on stage to perform a few times. He and John quickly found a common language in the ukulele and it was great to watch them play together. 

To make the mood even more exciting we organised a prize draw. One lucky winner received our bestselling FLIGHT NUS310 Soprano Ukulele.

After the official part was over, John took the time to personally meet and take selfies with everyone who came to see him.

We would like to thank The Ukulele Teacher for showing us how amazing the ukulele really is, and to our partners, Music Max. No doubt, together we can make the ukulele the most popular instrument in town!


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