How to maintain your ukulele?

First thing you need to remember is: ukuleles are meant to be played, so play them! However, there are 3 main things or simple rules, you should keep in mind:

  1. After you played it....clean it! Do not complicate with expensive products, simply use a soft cotton cloth.
  2. Store it! The best option is to buy a bag or a case, bag is usually a cheaper version, but less heavy. Many of ukuleles now come with a bag included. The biggest ukulele enemies are sunlight and heaters.
  3. Pay attention to humidity. If the air is dry, ukulele can crack. To avoid that, get your uke a humidifier. On the other hand, your ukulele can also warp.  In this case you have to buy a silica gel pack, which you put in the ukulele case.



Considering buying an electro-acoustic ukulele?

The electro-acoustic ukes are by shape like standard ukuleles but with a pick up. Like »regular« ukes, electro-acoustic come in a variety of colors, models and wood.The ones with the solid wood will be louder and will also sound better.

Here are few from Flight Music: 

Flight DUC523 CEQ Electro-Acoustic Concert Ukulele, with solid Mahogany Top

Flight DUC525 CEQ Electro-Acoustic Concert Ukulele, with solid Spruce Top

Flight DUS320 CEQ Electro-Acoustic Soprano Ukulele

Flight DUT34 CEQ Electro-Acoustic Tenor Ukulele 





Most expensive ukuleles on market

Few days ago we found a forum, where the interesting debate was going on - about the most expensive ukuleles on the world. It seems each person in the conversation has heard a different »urban legend« of the ukulele's highest price.

Whatever the truth may be, here are some interesting ukes and ukes related items on e-bay right now:

-          24.999,95 USD: Stanley Mouse Grateful Dead Jester Joker Lute Ukulele

-          17.950,00 USD: Automated Ukulele in a Cabinet Jukebox

-          15.000,00 USD: Mirabella Custom Made Style 5 Ukulele

-          12.000,00 USD: Vintage 1930 Martin 5-K Soprano Ukulele

-          11.579,00 USD: Vintage Circa 1926 Gibson Poinsettia Ukulele

-          8.500,00 USD: Kanilea rare premium Curly Koa 8 String Tenor Ukulele


We received a lovely e-mail about our Flight Music Ukes! :)

We received this nice review of a Flight NUT310 Tenor Ukulele:


"My name is Tobi and i am a german customer. I odered my NUT310 Tenor uke a few month ago.

The mailway between Slovenia and Germany tooks four till five days. It is very fast for this distance i think. 

The uke: I only use tenor ukes, because for my huge hands it is easier to play. The NUT310 has original tenor measures and the wood is very good converted. You can't see any wood glue or fissures. The only contra was the chemical smelling of the wood finish. After two weeks of playing the uke and let it out of its bag, it smells now like my living room ;-)

The strings: the NUT310 was delivered with normal factory sides. With these sides it sounds very well but with original uke strings (in Germany ca. 5€) it sounds much better. The tenor messure of this uke has a very huge sound volume, so you need good strings. But it is only my meaning. For uke beginners are the factory strings absolute o.k.

The Bag: the "flight bag" wasn't my buying decision but it had surprise me. The convertig of the materials are very good and it do what a uke bag should do ;-)

My result: Flight Music is a trustable establishment with a really good support. The team is very friendly!

The uke with gigbag is a nice offer for this price. I own much ukes from different companies but Flight music has succeeded it on my personal order list. The NUT310 makes me happy and i can only advise it for beginners and professionals."

Thank you Tobi!

Flight Music Team


Buying Ukulele for your Children?

Uke for your children?

The little instrument is perfect for your little children, obvious because of small proportions, ideal for child's hands. More and more schools are »implementing« this instrument to their music lessons. And more, the children seem to love it, since the ukes come in different colors and shapes!

What is the best price? Should I buy better quality ukulele?

If you are buying ukulele for your child, it is best to seek a good combination of quality and price. It must be bought as a instrument, not as a toy. On the other hand, you shouldn't spend too much money on the first uke, since you never know, what the reactions will be J. Later on, you can buy another one, with better wood and sound, which is supposed to last quite longer. Our opinion is, for the first ukulele the best range is from 25,00 to 45,00 EUR. For the upper price limit of 45,00 EUR you can get a long lasting instrument, with excellent wood and sound choice. And the best uke size would be the Soprano Ukulele.

What else do we need?

Later on, you would probably need a Gigbag, for easier transport and protection. Luckily many ukuleles now come with a bag, so you don't have to worry about that too. And yes, a tuner. You should always have a spare tuner in your drawer.


Keep Calm and Play Ukulele

Before buying a good ukulele, you should know this short facts:

  1. Ukulele is not a the smallest version of a guitar. Though they come in 4 different sizes: Soprano (14 inches), Concert (14 ½ – 16 inches), Tenor (16 – 18 inches) and Baritone (18 and more inches). The Soprano size is the best way to start playing the ukulele.
  2. Don't be cheap! If you are serious with the playing, it is probably the best to spend a little more.
  3. Yes, 4 strings are enough J
  4. You can learn a loooot by watching youtube tutorials! For instance, one of the most popular players at the moment is The Ukulele Teacher

It's the Way, we Play it.

Little help with the popular wood types for ukuleles.. 

Mahogany Wood: Has the medium density and bright and bassy sound. Mostly it is used for ukulele's body, the sound is very popular! 

Rosewood: This type of wood comes in diffrent colors, Flight  uses it manly manly on fretboards. The sound of rosewood body ukes is round.

Maple Wood: Maple produces trebly sound, there are several types of maple wood: flamed, curly, burl, quilted and spalted.

Spruce Wood: This type of wood the produces a rich, vibrant tone.

Nato Wood: You might know it by it's other name -  Eastern Mahogany, which is a relieble, strong wood, usually used for guitar necks. It is a value-priced wood used more in the lower cost instruments. 



Life is a Song, so sing It!

Last weekend, from the 25.7. – 27.7., the second Czech Ukulele Festival successfully took place in the historical village of Únětice on the borders of Prague. It's aims is to firmly establish the Czech festival as not only the only festival in central Europe but one of the most respected and popular festival in the world, able to compete in stature with the Ukulele Festival of Great Britain. Flight Music was alse there! Please see photos on our facebook page! ;) 


The famous ukulele players. Who are they?

As been already written, ukulele has grown more and more popular, even between famous people! And who is in the ukulele hall of fame? Ryan Gosling, Bill Cosby, The Rock, Adam Sandler, Pierce Brosnan and Tom Hanks are just a few actors, who have this beautiful little instrument in their collection.  And how about musicians? Such as Eric Clapton, Pink, Taylor Swift, Bruce Springsteen? You guessed it, they all play on the uke. And don't forget ever present Elvis Presley, with his signature Flight instrument. Before you buy ukulele, there is a bunch of fun youtube video clips and tutorials you can use to learn about this great little instrument.


Need more Ukes!

"Ukuleles will get you through times with no money better than money will get you through time with no ukulele." J For times, such are these, you can always learn few new songs.

Bellow is the the list of top 20 currently popular songs, played by ukulele:

-          Jason Mraz – I'm yours

-          Israel Kamakawiwo'ole – Over the Rainbow

-          John Legend – All of me (currently the favourite one of Flight Music Team)

-          Passenger – Let her gor

-          Magic – Rude

-          Idina Menzel – Let it go

-          Plain White T's – Hey there Delilah

-          Ed Sheeran – The A team

-          Bastille – Pompeii

-          Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah

-          Sam Smith – Stay with me

-          Train – Hey, soul sister

-          Pharell Williams – Happy

-          Jason Mraz – I won't give up

-          Coldpay – The scientist

-          Twenty One Pilots – House of gold

-          The Beatles – Here comes the sun

-          Bon Iver – Skinny love

-          Lorde – Royals

-          The Beatles – Let it be

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