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Elise Ecklund

Oklahoma is home to one of the most charming ukulele bloggers of all time – Elise Ecklund. This is where she creates her fun and inspiring videos that we all grew to love and admire so much. We have first gotten in touch with Elise in August 2017 and from the start the communication with her has been so smooth, her unboxing videos so witty and funny that we just couldn’t help ourselves and not join her fan club. The first Flight ukulele that Elise adopted was Mahogany DUC323, followed by Dark Blue TUS35 Travel ukulele and Mango DUC450. As our relationship progressed, by August 2018 we were ready to take it to the next step – develop a special Elise Ecklund Signature ukulele (you can read the full story here). Several months later, the ukulele has been officially launched on 21 November 2018. This is the first ukulele in our Artist Signature series and we are really proud of how it turned out!

Elise Ecklund Signature ukulele

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