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Следите за нашими интересными новостями от Flight!

Hal Leonard Europe Announces After-School Music Education Programme In France

Hal Leonard Europe recently announced Uke au péri – an after-school music education programme taking place in 13 the region of Alsace, France. Currently in its pilot phase, the scheme will…


Flight Ukulele wins Best Mainstream Ukulele Brand 2022

Each year, the Uke Magazine Awards are presented, and Flight Ukulele has the honor of being awarded Best Mainstream Ukulele Brand of 2022. Our hard work in innovating our product…


Festival season has begun!🎉

We are pleased to announce that Ukulada and Simon will be playing at the Austrian Ukulele Festival (Graz, Austria), which will be happening from June 30th to July 3rd! There will be…


The Peter Moss Signature Ukulele is here!

We are excited to announce that the Peter Moss signature ukulele is finally here! If you haven’t yet heard Peter Moss play the ukulele, go and do that now!  …


Top Ten Ukuleles of 2021 and FLIGHT IS NO.1 (and no.2 and no.7)!

  Every year the famous Southern Ukulele Store releases it’s top 10 list of the best ukuleles of that year. In recent years it’s become a hotly anticipated episode and…



We’re glad to finally introduce the new Flight Elise Ecklund City Signature Concert Ukulele! This is an amazing instrument and a piece of art that reflects the beauty and fun…


Flight Leather Straps!

Fancy strap for a classy uke! The Flight Leather Strap is the sophisticated accessory your ukulele deserves. The strap is durable and long lasting, and is handmade in Greece. Straps…


The Flight Travel on Ukulele Road Trips

We think that no Flight travel ukulele has travelled quite as much as the one that belongs to Ben from Ukulele Road Trips! For a number of years, Ben has…


#FlightSchoolChallenge, GET READY TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL!

As part of our Back To School campaign, we've come up with our own challenge on our main social media: #FlightSchoolChallenge. The challenge comes with seven beginner tutorials by some of our…


Flight Accessories

Because your uke deserves it all! We offer a wide variety of ukulele accessories that make your uke experience even cooler. Let's take a look at them! Straps. Flight wants…


Flight Crew on The Voice!

The Voice is an international singing competition that over the years has become more popular and gained international prestige. For those who have found their biggest dreams in life aiming…


What Ukulele Series should I look for if…?

At Flight we offer a wide and diverse range of ukulele models, all of them with very unique styles and some of them even designed with a specific target or…

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