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Flight Stories

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Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival

We are thrilled to announce that Flight is a proud sponsor of the Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival! Join us as we bring a curated selection of our exceptional ukuleles…

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Flight Artist of September: Luca Ghioldi

We're thrilled to introduce Luca Ghioldi, also known as @lucaghioldieffectzoo, as our September Artist of the Month. Hailing from Italy, Luca is a phenomenal fingerstyle ukulele player who's making waves…

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New Flight Iris Tenor & Baritone

Flight continues to expand its offerings in its Princess Series with two new models of the acclaimed Flight Iris ukulele. Flighters requested a version of the Iris in the tenor…

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New Flight A10 Purpleburst Ukulele

✨Unveil the Extraordinary: Behold the A10 Purpleburst The Flight A10 Purpleburst Anniversary Series Ukulele is a limited edition ukulele that redefines elegance and craftsmanship with never before used materials. Just brace…

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4stringboy’s Debut Album: VEJR

Under the title of '4stringboy' Sammy is known as a ukulele virtuoso, combining ambient composition with a modern style of solo playing using harmonics and fingerstyle techniques. Sammy has gained a name…

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Check out the new Flight Mini JB Bass!

Say hello to the Flight JB Mini Bass 👀 We released the first Mini Bass in 2020 and due to popular demand decided to expand the line with a new…

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Louise Camerlynck, Belgium

Flight Artist of June: Louise Camerlynck

We are delighted to showcase Louise Camerlynck as our featured artist of the month for August. Hailing from Belgium, Louise is a remarkably talented ukulele player who has left a…

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Flight Artists Shine at the 11th Annual Czech Ukulele Festival

The delightful strums of the ukulele filled the air as the eleventh-annual Czech Ukulele Festival swept through the picturesque Únětice Brewery, located on the outskirts of Prague. From July 28th…

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New Flight Pathfinder Ocean Blue Baritone Electric Ukulele

Flight is proud to announce the Pathfinder Ocean Blue Baritone Electric Ukulele. This new member of the Flight Rock Series boasts a captivating ocean blue finish, featuring a beautiful gradient…

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Flight Rock Series in Action!

The Flight Ukulele Rock series is an absolute showstopper, designed to leave a lasting impression on both players and audiences alike. These solid body electric ukuleles feature classic shapes with…

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Flight Artist of June: Katie Judd

We're thrilled to present Katie Judd as our featured artist for the month of June. Hailing from the United Kingdom, Katie is an incredibly talented ukulele player and singer who…

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Flight Artists on Tour in June!

We're excited to announce the upcoming ukulele events featuring our talented Flight Artists. Our exceptional crew will showcase the enchanting sounds and versatility of Flight Ukuleles in their own unique…

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