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Flight Crew

Flight has made an intentional effort to build a community of players and has become a recognized brand throughout the ukulele world. The Flight Crew is a group of extremely talented, young, energetic musicians, teachers, and entertainers, who are not afraid of being bold and different. If you want to join the Flight Crew, you can apply here → Artist application!


Dani Usero, Spain

Victoria Tenor, Mustang Tenor

Elise Ecklund, USA

Elise Ecklund Signature, DUC450 Mango, DUC323

Peter Moss, UK

Peter Moss Signature Concert, Spirit

Alyona Shvetz, Russia

Sophia Soundwave, Alyona Shvetz Signature

Eden Ecklund, USA

DUC445, Elise Ecklund Signature, NUP310

Sammy Turton, UK/Demark
Sammy Turton, UK/Denmark

Fireball, 4SB Signature

Katie Judd, UK

DUC380 CEQ CORAL, TUS40-Space, NUS310 Blackbird

Mariana Galbani, Peru


Jessica Godinez, Philippines

Antonia Concert

Eda Atac, Turkey

TUSEE Sunset Pack

Rita Morais, Portugal

Antonia Concert

Virginia Ferreyra, Argentina


Cloudkissed, USA

Victoria Concert

Rafaela Riboty, Peru

Diana Concert

Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq.

MUS-2, Leia Concert

Diana Interiano, USA

DUC380 CEQ Amber

Opera-lele, UK

Victoria Concert

Telma, Portugal

Sophia Tenor

Antonina Kosenko, Ukraine

DUC380 CEQ Topaz

Alan Legui, Argentina


Simon, UK

Mustang Tenor, DUB38

Leslie Rizo, Mexico

NUS350, TUS35-OR, NUS380 Amber

Isa, The Netherlands

DUC380 Topaz, DUC410 QA, DUC328 CEQ, TUS-EE Sunset

Carlitos Yoder, Slovenia

Victoria Tenor, DUC460

Sebastian Rodriguez, Chile


Talymus, Mexico


Ania Muzyka, Poland

Elise Ecklund Signature

Tajana Stre, Slovenia

Diana CE

Evelyn Brouwers, The Netherlands

Mustang Tenor

Maria Isas, Spain

Mustang Tenor, Sophia Soundwave

4n6strings, Mexico

Victoria Concert CEQ

Natasha Carroll, India


Emma Gowing, UK

MUS-2, Phantom Tenor

Ulrich Bigurra, Mexico

Diana Tenor

Dario Bellaveglia, Italy

Sophia Soundwave, Victoria Tenor

Andrea Villafuerte, Peru


Vica Radziwon, Hungary

Antonia Tenor

Les Chats, Canada


Luv Mahtani, India

Juliana Concert

Ricco_s, Belarus

DUC373, Leia Concert

Alessandro Lungo, Italy

Centurion Electric, Antonia Tenor

Mikelele, Spain

Mustang Tenor

Josephine Teuber, Germany

DUC445 Glossy Acacia Concert

Klauz Duane, Mexico

Antonia Tenor EQ-A

Via Ignacio, Philippines

DUC380 CEQ Coral

Ukulele Saz, UK

Diana Tenor Soundwave

Stu Zonder, US

Victoria Tenor

Luca Ghioldi, Italy

Pathfinder Transparent Blue Electric

Mariana Verastegui, Mexico

DUC 523 EQ

Aldonza Orelllana, Mexico

DUC380 CEQ Coral

Uke Dad, UK

Phantom, NUC250 Acacia, TUC EE Sunset

Alf Chimal, Mexico


Philip Bull, UK

DUS320 SP/ZEB Soprano

Dasha Kirpich, Russia

DUC323, Sophia Tenor, TUSL35

Anastasia, Russia

Leia Concert

Anastasia, Russia

Victoria Tenor

Adelina Petri, Russia

DUC325, NUS310, NUT310

Amina, Russia

Leia Tenor, TUS-50

Anton Walkthrough, Russia
Ольга Левченко
Ольга Левченко

Antonia Concert

Olga Kochetova, Russia

Diana Tenor

Anna Fridrik, Russia

NUC310, Victoria Tenor Soundwave

Vlad Filippov, Russia

Antonia Tenor

Julia-Agatha Borodina, Russia

DUC380 CEQ Amber, Sophia Tenor

Alyona Brickman, Russia

Diana Tenor, DUC380 CEQ Topaz

Aivere, Russia

DUS 320 SP/ZEB, Victoria Ce Soundwave, Sophia Tenor Soundwave, Leia Tenor

Anna Tretyakova, Russia

DUC450 Mango

Lero4ka, Russia

Sophia Concert Soundwave

theabc, Russia

TUS-35 Soprano

Elmira, Russia


Kseniya, Russia


Sofia Balabatko, Russia

DUC380 CEQ Topaz

Anton Mizonov, Russia

Victoria Tenor

Awestin, USA

Diana Concert

Lalouise, Italy

Mustang Tenor, Nighthawk EQ-A Concert

Fátima Gómez, Spain

Spirit EQ-A Concert

Lambert Spix, Germany

Fireball EQ-A Tenor

Alessandro Pedroni, Italy

Fireball EQ-A Tenor

Karel Kocurek, Czech Republic


GarçonLucide, France

Flight Sophia

UkeElliott, UK

Flight Sophia, DUS371

Flight wouldn’t be the same without our Flighters, the people in our community, whether they are Flight ukulele owners or musicians with whom we’ve collaborate along the years. The Flight community is made up of ukulele players who share our mission of building this strong community of uke lovers from around the globe, with different levels and musical backgrounds.


Melissa Y Eureka
Jiggywithviggy, USA
Ukulele Cheats
Barry Maz

Want to join the flight crew?

When looking for new Flight Crew members, we value uniqueness and skill over followers. Believe it or not, we look at our entire venture as creating an international family, and we see the Flight Crew as leaders and role models in our community.


  • Artists that are passionate about music.
  • Minimum level of experience with the ukulele.
  • Individuals who are genuine and honest.
  • Innovation! We love to see people experiment with new techniques on the uke.
  • People who are unique and have a distinct voice/personality/style.
  • Loyalty over sponsorships! We’re not here to simply give away free ukes. We’re building a team of artists that work hard to reach their music goals.

If you’re interested in joining the Flight Crew, you can fill out our application here → Artist application

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