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Artist Signature Series

Artist Signature Series

Ukuleles from the Artist Series bear the names and the preferred personalized touches from a select group of players which express the artist’s talent, personality, and style.

Travel Series

Travel Series

Flight Travel uke will rock your world. Resilient, but quality materials packaged into a great design give the ukulele world an affordable but hugely playable instrument with a great sound.

Ultra Travel Series

Are you looking for an extremely versatile ukulele that you can play anywhere and that sounds great too? If so, the ULTRA is the ukulele for you!

Designer Series

Designer Series

Our Designer ukulele series are our heart and soul, with each instrument featuring a unique design/decorative pattern. Check out the pickup-equipped models too!


Gemstone Series

Gemstones. They dazzle and mesmerize is with their beautiful colors.  That was the idea behind the Gemstone series: create ukuleles that look amazing and surprise with the quality of their build and sound.


Art Series

At Flight, we love to use colors and attractive designs, so we decided to explore adding incredible designs to our ukuleles with a goal to combine the worlds of fashion and music. The result is astonishing.

Supernatural Series

Supernatural Series

These super-natural instruments were designed to sound awesome and look gorgeous, characterized by exotic, hand-picked woods, such as mango, acacia, amara or dao, as well as special fretboard and headstock inlays.

Natural Series

Natural Series

Light, affordable, and packed with premium features, Flight Natural Series are the best entry-level ukuleles in the market today. Grab yours and get plucky!

Princes Series

Princess Series

The Princess Series live up to its regal name. The high end, resonant tone woods chosen for the construction of these instruments gives them a lively, rich tone that will truly have you feeling regal.

Royal Series

Royal Series

The Royal Series harnesses the heritage that comes from centuries of the best instrument building techniques whilst also making modern, innovative, fearless decisions. You will not be dissapointed.


Rock Series

Rock series are beautiful solid body electric ukuleles in classic shapes that were born to impress. Get ready to rock anytime, as well as add any effect pedals, or stompboxes to your sound!


Anniversary Series

The anniversary series are solid wood ukuleles individually crafted by a master luthier, with a level of craftsmanship, playability, and sound rivaling the finest ukuleles on the planet.

Guitarlele Series


The guitarlele is a hybrid instrument that combines both the range and versatility of the guitar with the voice and portability of the ukulele, perfect for those who like to try new things.


Ukulele Bass

Flight ukulele bass is a wonderful addition for both ukulele ensembles and pop bands alike as it tunes just like a regular bass guitar—only it’s half the size!

TINY6 Lifestyle Flight ukulele amplifier (18)


Every ukulele player needs ukulele accessories. Not satisfied with what we saw on the market we set to make our own, Flight style ukulele accessories.


Heritage Series

We love vintage ukuleles and this is why we decided to introduce these series into the Flight range. They might be new, but are designed just like the ukuleles that are over 100 years old.



Sometimes we release limited edition models. Sometimes we have to make sacrifices in order to make way for the new releases.  You will find all of them here.

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