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Следите за нашими интересными новостями от Flight!

Ukulele or Ukelele: Decoding the Spelling Mystery

As you embark on your ukulele journey, you might wonder: Is it ukulele or ukelele? Don't worry, we are here to solve the mystery and explain the right way to…


Strumming through Time: The Birth of the Ukulele

Let's take a melodic trip through time to explore how the ukulele came to be. The ukulele's tale is a beautiful mix of cultural fusion, inventive spirit, and a dash…


Ukulele or Guitar: A Friendly Guide to Your Musical Start

For many aspiring musicians, the choice of what instrument to play comes down to the ukulele or the guitar. Let's explore the question: “Is the ukulele easier than the guitar?”…


Catch Flight at the NAMM Show!

Flight is getting ready for an exciting presence at NAMM Show 2024, from January 25 to 28 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Come by Booth 6406 to discover our innovative…


Diving into the world of ukulele strings: Are they plastic?

When you think about the sweet sound of a ukulele, have you ever wondered about what generates that lovely sound? One key element of the sound of the ukulele is…


Peter’s Flight: A Harmonious Tour Across the Netherlands

When I was first asked by Juliana to help across the Netherlands with promoting the Flight brand, I jumped at it. I was to appear alongside Evelyn Brouwers in three of the…


3 Flight Ukuleles in Southern Ukulele Store’s “TOP 10 UKULELES OF 2023”

Annually, the globally acclaimed Southern Ukulele Store sets the stage for anticipation, unveiling its eagerly awaited top 10 list, showcasing the zenith of ukulele excellence. The 2023 edition of this…


A Night of Unforgettable Ukulele Performances at Ukuleleplein

On November 11th, we had the pleasure of attending a remarkable event organized by Ukuleleplein in Drunen, Netherlands. The evening featured captivating performances by esteemed Flight ukulele artists, Peter Moss…


Ukulele Experience at Bax Music Events with Peter Moss, Evelyn Brouwers and Sammy Turton!

This month, we had a blast at events hosted by Bax Music in various stores. Attendees immersed themselves in the enchanting world of ukulele music, with Peter Moss, Evelyn Brouwers,…


Flight Takes Center Stage at the 15th Annual Reno Ukulele Festival

The 15th Annual Reno Ukulele Festival recently enchanted ukulele enthusiasts at the Nugget Casino & Resort in Reno, Nevada. This four-day event, known for its warmth and music, brought together…



FLIGHT FRIGHT FEST! It’s that time of the year again for our annual Flight Fright Fest, when some of your favorite Flight Artists get together in full costume to celebrate…


Discover the Magic of Flight Ukuleles with Peter Moss, Evelyn Brouwers and 4stringboy in November 2023!

This November, mark your calendars for an enchanting ukulele experience as renowned ukulele artists Peter Moss, 4stringboy and Evelyn Brouwers grace the Bax Music locations for an exciting Flight ukulele event. Whether…

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