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Supply and Logistics Challenges

Have you heard the song, “I’m Getting Nuttin’ for Christmas”, which was made famous by Barry Gordon in 1955?  We know that here were a number of people who wanted a Flight ukulele under their tree this Christmas, but their desired instrument is currently unavailable.

Flight forged ahead in 2020, releasing a number of new models–including the Rock Series, the Fireball, and Concert Travel Ukuleles.  We worked very hard to have everything ready in advance of Christmas, but all logistic companies—not just ships–are overwhelmed.

The global pandemic has caused havoc in international shipping services and has even disrupted local deliveries.  While countries are still exporting goods, ships are sitting in docks waiting for trucks to unload them.  On top of that, some shipping services have doubled or tripled their prices.  And sadly, it will be some time before things go back to normal, and the celebration of Chinese New Year is right around the corner, when many suppliers shut down for a period of time.

Flight Fireball ukulele

To our customers in the United States: a large shipment was scheduled to arrive at the end of November—an arrival date that accounted for the “new” reality of shipping delays.  That shipment is still stuck in a dock somewhere, waiting for a truck. Our shipment for Europe was diverted to an alternate port and will not arrive in time for Christmas.  It seems unavoidable that some people will not be getting their Flight ukulele for Christmas.

We truly appreciate the support our customers have shown for Flight Ukulele, and we know how excited people have been to purchase our latest models.  We did the very best we could to try to make these instruments available for the holidays even under the pandemic, but in many cases, that just isn’t going to happen.  We apologize for that and feel awful about it.  On the positive side, our shipments to the US and Europe will be available soon, and will work their way into the system.

As always, thank you for your support for Flight Ukulele.  We wish you the very best this holiday season, and the very best wishes for a happy 2021!

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