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Merch from Flight

The inspiration for Flight “merch” came directly from our involvement at trade shows and ukulele festivals—we needed some Flight-branded apparel for our team.  We didn’t realize that our customers would want access to Flight merchandise!  We have heard your requests, and are happy to announce that Flight is now offering “merch,” including t-shirts (men’s and women’s), sweatshirts, and mugs!  Black and gold were a natural choice for our merch because it looks clean and classy at the same time.
As with all Flight products, quality is important to us, so we are offering a higher quality t-shirt and sweatshirt.   The hoodies are incredibly comfortable, and we love to wear them when we are inside and when we are out and about.  You may have seen Elise and Eden Ecklund rocking our hoodies in some of their posts!  We are also offering a mug for those that love coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.  It is a great looking mug with a spoon, and we use them every day!
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