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Flight at Soundcheck Xpo 2024!

Flight had a fantastic experience at Soundcheck Xpo 2024, Mexico’s largest music convention. It was a pleasure to meet so many music enthusiasts and industry professionals and showcase our ukulele range.

We received an abundance of praise from music experts across Mexico, which was incredibly rewarding.

Flight was also proud to have two of our Flight artists, Klauz Duane and Mariana Verástegui, perform at the event. Their performances added to the event’s excitement and showcased Flight artists’ talent and versatility.

Participating in this event was an honor, and we enjoyed immersing ourselves in the latest trends and innovations in the music and entertainment industry. Connecting with like-minded individuals and sharing our love for music was a highlight of the experience, one that we will always treasure.

We can’t wait to be back at Soundcheck Xpo next year!

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