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New Flight A10 Purpleburst Ukulele

✨Unveil the Extraordinary: Behold the A10 Purpleburst The Flight A10 Purpleburst Anniversary Series Ukulele is a limited edition ukulele that redefines elegance and craftsmanship with never before used materials. Just brace yourselves! Coming soon...

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4stringboy’s Debut Album: VEJR

Under the title of '4stringboy' Sammy is known as a ukulele virtuoso, combining ambient composition with a modern style of solo playing using harmonics and fingerstyle techniques. Sammy has gained a name for himself as a 'magician of harmonics' and has been featured…

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Flight Rock Series in Action!

The Flight Ukulele Rock series is an absolute showstopper, designed to leave a lasting impression on both players and audiences alike. These solid body electric ukuleles feature classic shapes with a touch of modern flair, creating an irresistible combination of…

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Flight Artist of June: Katie Judd

We're thrilled to present Katie Judd as our featured artist for the month of June. Hailing from the United Kingdom, Katie is an incredibly talented ukulele player and singer who has captured our hearts with her remarkable musical abilities since…

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