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Dani Usero’s Campanella Workshop at Bax Music

This past weekend, flighters gathered at Bax Music Goes, Bax Music Rotterdam, and Bax Music Amsterdam for a special workshop led by Dani Usero. Dani taught attendees about the Campanella technique, which creates a beautiful, bell-like sound on the ukulele.

During the workshop, Dani shared the history and principles of the Campanella technique. He also gave beginners practical exercises to help them learn this unique playing style.

A highlight of the event was Dani Usero’s captivating performance, showcasing the beauty and versatility of the Ukulele and Electric Ukulele. Additionally, attendees in Amsterdam were treated to a special performance by singer-songwriter Bibi Espina.

Attendees left feeling inspired and excited to use their new skills!

Check out some clips from the Bax events.

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