Flight DUC 523 CEQ MAH/MAH Electro-Acoustic Concert Ukulele

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  • SCALE: concert (17 frets)
  • TOP: solid mahogany
  • BACK AND SIDES: laminate mahogany
  • FRETBOARD: rosewood
  • NECK: African okouma
  • NUT & SADDLE: bone
  • BRIDGE: rosewood
  • POSITION MARKERS: 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th, 15th, and 17th frets
  • PREMIUM FEATURES: arched back, chrome die-cast geared tuners, laser engraved rosette, Aquila SuperNylgut strings
  • Free padded gigbag included!

FLIGHT DUC 523 CEQ MAH/MAH is a concert-sized ukulele. It has a solid mahogany top, paired with mahogany back and sides, giving it a very warm and resonating sound. We gave the rosette an intricate design featuring a surfer riding the waves, echoing the history of the ukulele and its Hawaiian origins. 

FLIGHT DU is a designer ukulele series, with each instrument featuring a unique design/decorative pattern. DU series offer all four ukuleles sizes – that is, from small to large: soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. The DU models are available in several variations, differing in size and wood type. The selection includes spruce, zebrawood and mahogany top. You can also choose between laminated and solid-wood tops. Solid-top ukulele is a more expensive instrument of higher quality; it requires careful maintenance, proper humidity and temperature. The laminated-top option is less demanding and more weather-resistant, making it the perfect choice if you are looking for an instrument for travelling. All our ukuleles come with high-quality gigbags of a soft sandy color, ensuring maximum protection for your uke.

From the model name it is very easy to work out its size and type of wood. DU is a name of the series, where D stands for Designer and U stands for Ukuleles. The third letter means the size of the uke

  • S - soprano
  • C - concert
  • T - tenor
  • B - baritone

Four sizes of the series will be spelled like this:  DUS, DUC, DUT and DUB. Number 3 after the letters means laminated top, number 4 exotic wood and number 5 means top made of solid wood. The last letters in the name mean the type of wood of top, back and sides. After that it will be indicated whether the ukulele has a pickup or not – if it is equipped with a pickup it will have CEQ.

  • SP - Spruce
  • ZEB - Zebrawood
  • MAH - Mahogany
  • AB - African Burl
  • MAN - Mangowood
  • AMARA - Amara wood
  • KOA - Koa wood

An example:

  • DU – Designer Ukulele Series
  • S – Soprano size 
  • 5 – Solid top
  • 25 – Model number
  • SP – Spruce top
  • ZEB - Zebrawood back and sides
  • СEQ  - Equipped with pickup


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