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FLIGHT has been writing its story since 1993. From the early stage of brand development, our mission has remained the same - to create the best price - value musical instruments and make them available to everyone who wishes to play.

When the ukulele frenzy started taking all over the world our company was one of the first to jump into the trend. We have created special designs that would match a lighthearted nature of this instrument. We paired this with the best wood around and as a result we had a true hit – FLIGHT ukuleles had been selling like hotcakes since their introduction.


Each year we are introducing new guitar and ukulele models, even the hybrids, echoing the brand's true spirit. Playlux guitars were another breakthrough that we are very proud of. Special ergonomic body makes the playing so comfortable, that our Playlux guitars are sold out as soon as they arrive in shops.


Our newest addition to the Flight's repertoar are guitarlele and bass ukulele. The DU-BASS is a wonderful addition for both ukulele ensambles and pop bands alike, since it tunes just like a regular bass guitar - but it's half the size! Crafted in mahogany and featuring an active pickup, Flight's bass ukulele is a versatile little beast that will delight bass players of all ages. The guitarlele is another hybrid instrument that combines the range and versatility of the guitar with the voice and portability of the ukulele. Featuring six nylon strings on the body of a spruce baritone ukulele, Flight's GUT350 guitalele is an exciting instrument for travelling, for those with small hands, and for seasoned ukulele players looking for new ways of extending their musical horizons.


And with pride, Flight has partnered with Kremona North America to bring distinct ukuleles to the U.S. and Canadian markets. The North American offering will include soprano, concert, tenor, tenor acoustic/electric and high-tuned baritone configurations.  



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