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Our Story


Flight Ukulele comes from the enchanting country of Slovenia, a picturesque country that would fit perfectly into a fairy tale  The story of Flight Ukulele isn’t quite a fairy tale–there is no fairy godmother, glass slipper, or castle–but the story does involve a lot of hard work and the magic of music.  The dream and passion of Flight Ukulele is to bring affordable, attractive, quality instruments and accessories to players throughout the world.

It has been stated that the greatest advances grow from the greatest need.  While the “third wave” of the ukulele was a global phenomenon in the early 2000s, that phenomenon did not reach various parts of Europe.  While we knew about and loved the ukulele, It was difficult to find quality instruments in local stores in Slovenia.  We decided that we could not wait for better ukuleles to reach our part of the world, so we decided to design and import our own ukuleles, and this is how Flight was born. We wanted to offer customers a variety of choices, so Flight opened with a catalog of ten different ukuleles in two separate series.   At the time, we had no intent of becoming an international brand.  To our great pleasure, our instruments were a hit in our native Slovenia, and it wasn’t long until our products gained popularity throughout Europe.

Since our founding in 2010, Flight’s global presence has continued to grow.  Early in our company’s history, Yamaha stores in Singapore decided to carry Flight’s ukuleles–not only because of their quality, but because of our shared core values.  By 2018, Flight had distributors in Mexico and Australia, and in 2019, we announced our collaboration with Hal Leonard, the world’s largest music distributor.  We continue to add distributors and authorized dealers all over the planet.

We also believe in the value of a local music store, and made the decision in 2019 to stop selling instruments directly from our own website.  We believe that it is best to hold and play a ukulele in person before you buy it, and that your local music store can provide additional accessories and service for your instrument.  While you can order Flight ukuleles online, we encourage you to support your local music store whenever possible.  If your local music store does not carry Flight instruments and accessories, ask them to do so!

We believe in innovation and continuous improvement.  In 2018, we launched our Travel Series, durable ukuleles with great playability and sound.   The new series was a success, and we have continued to improve upon and expand the designs and available scale lengths of those instruments.  At NAMM 2020, we received one of the Best-In-Show awards for the options we can offer on customized travel ukuleles.  It was a tremendous honor to be recognized for our work at one of the world’s most influential music industry trade shows.

While we love to offer instruments that are ideal for beginning players, we also want to provide high quality instruments for players of all levels.  This led us to design the Princess and Royal Series, models that were designed with advancing and advanced players in mind.  As a smaller company, we are much more nimble than other companies, and have the freedom to refine our offerings based on the feedback provided by our customer base.  We will continue to look for new materials and new technologies that will provide customers with exciting new options, such as the Flight Soundwave pickup system.  This system adds effects to a ukulele, both when used acoustically or when amplified.  Soundwave is now available in multiple models and as an add-on system that can be installed in most ukuleles.  

We also continue to expand our offerings in the area of accessories, adding straps, capos, cases, strings, humidifiers, and tuners to our catalog, with the continued goal of making attractive, high quality accessories at an affordable price.

Our team is focused and hungry for success, but our hard work is driven by a love for our customers and the music they create.  Flight has a young and energetic vibe not only because of our attractive and affordable ukuleles, but also because of our active presence on social media.  We have worked hard to create an active online community, and we love to interact with our Flighters.  We work closely with influencers and love to be a part of the global ukulele scene.  We have partnered with exclusive Flight artists, and have working relationships with even more artists in our Flight Crew.  We know that thousands of people have learned their first chords on a Flight ukulele from a tutorial made by our partners.  We love to support ukulele events and workshops all around the world, and we plan to continue and expand our participation in the ukulele community.

We truly believe that music makes this world a better place. Nothing compares with the excitement of seeing someone strumming one of our ukuleles for the first time, or when an experienced player makes their instrument truly sing.  Thank you for the opportunity to share our story, which now includes you!

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