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Our Story

Our story did not start with ukuleles but from their absence.

The ukulele boom reached our part of Europe much later than the Western part, and few years back it was impossible to find good ukuleles in the stores. It was a real “ukulele draught”. Everyone was hungry for quality ukuleles and this is how the first Flight ukulele line was born – from a real need for decent, yet affordable ukuleles. We have collaborated with various ukulele teachers and musicians  to design our first line, which back then consisted of no more than 10 models and just 2 series – Natural and Designer.

Good news travel fast and those ukuleles quickly became a smash not only in our home country of Slovenia, thanks to perfect timing, they quickly spread to neighbouring European countries as well. Reliable quality, responsive customer service and fast shipping time, these are our values that we pride ourselves on and we believe that these values helped us grow so quickly.

Our brand was growing, and so was the number of countries where we were represented. Soon we started expanding outside of the European Union.  The first country being Singapore, where we were chosen as the only ukulele brand for Yamaha-owned chain of stores. As everyone knows, Yamaha quality standards are very high, and we are very humbled that they chose Flight as an ukulele brand for their chain of stores.

2018 saw the launch of our Travel series that took the ukulele world by storm, proving that you don’t need to pay a high price for quality sound.  Many experienced players have purchased the Travel Ukulele for their collections because it is an affordable instrument with comfortable action that delivers a big sound yet maintains its intonation.

We have also attended various European ukulele festivals, where we had a chance to meet high-class ukulele players and realised that even though we had a perfect beginner to intermediate line-up, we were lacking something to impress the ukulele elite. This led to the development of  the Princess series, our first higher-end ukulele, and we were very impressed with how well it was received by the public. We felt very inspired by the success of our Princess series, but we are not stopping there. We are continuing to grow and can’t wait for all the exciting all-solid models coming out in 2019!

In the meantime, the number of countries where Flight is being sold was growing, and in 2018 we started with a bang in Mexico and Australia, and as well as consolidating our position in the USA, UK, Germany and Spain. We support ukulele events and clinics all around the world, which makes us wish that we could appear in different places at the same time!

Our team is young and hungry for success, which is why Flight is a brand with a young and energetic vibe, like ourselves. We love social media and interacting with our fans, and we love collaborating with influencers and being a part of global ukulele community. We have been actively forming partnerships with YouTubers and Instagrammers, especially those bringing ukulele tutorials to a wide international audience.  What a nice feeling it is to know that thousands of people have learned their first chords from a tutorial featuring a Flight ukulele!

We truly believe that music makes this world a better place, and nothing can compare with the excitement we feel when we see someone strumming an ukulele for a first time, or when an experienced player makes this little wooden instrument truly sing and show all its colours. Coming from a small European country of Slovenia, Flight’s ukulele  journey has been truly remarkable, and we hope that we will continue to grow at the same nuclear speed with many more exciting things to come!

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