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Our Story

There is a certain mystery about Slovenia, a country with such a relaxed lifestyle and green landscapes, that makes it a perfect base of operations for running an international ukulele business. When we started designing ukuleles some 10 years ago, we could never have imagined that Flight ukuleles would be sold in faraway places like Singapore, Dubai, Russia, South Korea, and even the ukulele motherland itself, the USA–proving once again that if you dream big and work hard, your wildest dreams indeed come true. The ukulele market has never been as competitive as it is today, spoiling worldwide ukulele players with the widest choice ever, which is why we feel at once humbled and thrilled by the fact that our ukuleles get a very warm welcome everywhere we go. We are extremely grateful to all of you have bought, or are considering buying, a Flight as your first, second, or thirteenth ukulele, thus helping us grow and allowing us to produce more exciting designs.

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