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Anniversary series

Wow, the response to our Anniversary series has been so amazing, thank you all so much! Our Anniversary series are currently available in the UK and Europe. The quantities are very limited, the restock should come sometime in late summer.  You are advised to contact the following stores to inquire about availability. Please note that even if not all the model are listed on the websites below they might be available via special order.






They are currently on their way to the US and if everything goes to plan we expect them to reach the US by end of May-beginning of June. The quantities are very limited, so we recommend you to place your preorders with

How to buy Flight

In order to support local businesses we have decided to discontinue direct sales from our website.

If you live in one of the countries where we are represented, you are welcome to contact your local music shop or check the list of Flight Authorized Dealers.  If you don’t see a shop in your area please write us directly to us via our contact form.

Featured stores:

Rest of the world

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