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A leading ukulele manufacturer Flight is celebrating its 10th anniversary this weekend. The original celebration was supposed to be held during Messe Frankfurt and had to be postponed for obvious reasons. However, Flight decided that it was not the reason to cancel the celebration and decided to move it online, rebranding it as Flight Fest Live. Now the Flighters (Flight ukulele fans) will be able to watch the show directly from the comfort of their homes, no matter where they live.

This is a first time that a ukulele brand organizes a live streaming event on such a scale, joining together more than 35 Ukulele players from all over the world. Flight ukulele artists from USA, Mexico, Russia, Finland, the Netherlands, UK, Germany, Argentina, Spain, Portugal and even el Salvador will stream on their Instagram accounts for 2 consecutive days.

Big US-based Youtubers Elise Ecklund and U Can Uke will also take part in the celebrations, as well as professional fingerstyle players Dani Usero and German duo The Ukuleleaves. The event is going to be not only entertainment, several players will also host online ukulele workshops.






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