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DXBS Deluxe Gig Bag for Soprano Ukulele


You have probably seen our amazing deluxe gig bag, which is in included with models from Flight’s Princess and Royal Series.  You asked for it, and it is now available as a separate item in our catalog for soprano, concert, and tenor ukuleles.  We believe this is the best gig bag that comes with any ukulele, anywhere.  You will love its color, 15mm of padding, and functionality.  And while the Flight logo is embroidered on the front pocket, the gig bag can be used with any soprano ukulele.  So go ahead and pamper yourself and your soprano ukulele with this awesome case–you both deserve it.

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Flight DXBS Deluxe Gig Bag for Soprano Ukulele

One of the best ukulele gig bags on the planet

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Stunning Looks.

Carry Your Ukulele With Style

A gig bag is just a gig bag, right?  We don’t think so.  While a hard case does offer the best possible protection, they are heavy and limiting–even with an instrument as small as a ukulele.  We know that our customers love to bring their instruments with them–all over the globe, so it made sense from the very start to include a gig bag with every instrument we sell.

As it came to our Princess and Royal Series, we wanted the included gig bag  to reflect the quality and construction of those instruments.  The end result was our Deluxe Gig Bag, with its royalty-inspired color (burgundy infused with purple) and incredible velvety interior.  It isn’t often that the gig bag included with an instrument gets as much attention as the instrument itself–but that is what happened!  We think it is the best gig bag that comes with any ukulele on the planet.

Better Protection

All the features.

The Deluxe Gig Bag  features a tough nylon shell in the eye-catching burgundy color, with a tough zipper, front velcro pocket with the Flight logo to carry accessories, two padded backpack straps, and a thick, padded handle which balances the case perfectly for transport.  The interior of the case is lined with a soft, velvety material that will keep your ukulele safe from scratches.  And most importantly, the case features 15mm of padding–twice the padding of other ukuleles on the market.

One little secret: Flight doesn’t currently offer a soprano ukulele in the Princess or Royal Series, so this Deluxe gig bag is a completely new product in our catalog!

And remember: while the Flight logo does appear on the case, our gig bags can be used with any ukulele.

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