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"All those who are unhappy in the world are so as a result of the desire for their own happiness. All those who are happy in the world are so as a result of the desire for the happiness of others” -Shantideva

Stu Fuchs


Stu Fuchs is a lifelong musician, award-winning ukulele artist and teacher of mindfulness through creative play.  As a heart centered yogi and meditator with decades of practice, he playfully weaves holistic practice methods into his in person music retreats and online events.  Over a twenty-five year career Stu has performed many styles of music including the gypsy jazz guitar styles of Django Reinhardt with symphony orchestras.

Stu’s mission is to empower people of all backgrounds to enjoy a music practice that cultivates physical and emotional well being.  He worked for eight years as an artist-in-residence at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo NY and was awarded a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts for his work bringing healing music to cancer patients, families and hospital staff.

Stu has recorded and toured worldwide with the renowned sacred chant artist Snatam Kaur, receiving a “Best New Age” Grammy award nomination for the 2018 album “Beloved”.  He loves to contribute to the global ukulele community by offering ukulele players a wide range of video tutorials at his YouTube channel “Ukulele Zen”.

Flight Ukuleles that Stu Fuchs plays:

Flight Fireball EQ-A Tenor

The Flight Fireball is named after a well-known jet airplane.  The Flight Fireball EQ-A Tenor features a solid mango body with dyed maple appointments, including a rosette, comfort edge, and scalloped cutaway. The mango tree, most popular for its tasty fruit, also serves as a stunning tone wood, both in appearance and sound.  Mango has a sweet sound (pun intended) that is often compared to koa, while offering amazing grain patterns found with no other tone wood.  Check out the amazing Flight Fireball and see how sweet it is to fall in love with it!

Flight Spirit EQ-A Concert

Some of the Spirit’s unique features include an intricately designed top sound hole, scalloped cutaway, offset dots on the rosewood fingerboard, and captivating headstock shape. This ukulele is shaped and neatly packed to harness percussive punch, volume and tone inside this beautiful solid acacia concert ukulele–and it comes with a pickup!  The Spirit is an instrument that will let you fly free without limits.

Flight GUT350 SP/SAP Guitarlele

Featuring six nylon strings on the body of a baritone ukulele, Flight’s GUT350 guitarlele is an exciting instrument for traveling, for those with small hands, and for seasoned ukulele players looking for new ways of extending their musical horizons.

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