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"Music is our safety net, it catches us when we fall"

Татьяна Инюшина


Татьяна Инюшина – известная певица, блогер, участница многочисленных телевизионных и интернет-проектов. Финалистка первого в мире телепроекта «ТикТок Талант» (телеканал «ПЯТНИЦА») Страна Талантов (НТВ), Шоу Андрея Малахова «Привет Андрей» В безумном современном мире Татьяна Инюшина бережно возрождает и развивает традиции русской народной песни и советской эстрады.


Peter Moss Signature Concert Ukulele

Flight collaborated with Peter Moss, a highly respected and well-known player in the UK ukulele scene, to create this one-of-a-kind ukulele. 

The Peter Moss signature ukulele reflects everything about Peter’s playing style – sophisticated, precise, warm and unique. Peter, who is also a long-time player of the Flight Spirit Concert model, wanted to keep some of his favorite features of the Spirit like the scalloped cutaway, offset fret markers, active pickup and the famous Flight signature headstock.

Flight Spirit EQ-A Concert Ukulele

A wild Spirit that belongs in the wilderness and can’t be tamed. Mustang’s younger brother, Spirit, is a Concert-sized, all solid acacia ukulele from Flight Ukulele.

Some of the Spirit’s unique features include an intricately designed top sound hole, scalloped cutaway, offset dots on the rosewood fingerboard ,and captivating headstock shape. This ukulele is shaped and neatly packed to harness percussive punch, volume and tone inside this beautiful solid acacia concert ukulele–and it comes with a pickup!  The Spirit is an instrument that will let you fly free without limits.

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