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Flight Uke Tip: Holiday Gift Ideas for Ukulele Players (2020)

It is November, and the holiday season is right around the corner. If you are reading this post, chances are that you are one of the following types of people:
A person who has a ukulele player in their life and you would like to buy them a gift
A person who plays ukuleles and needs ideas to provide for others
A person who wants to buy a first ukulele for someone else (e.g. child, parent, friend)
Here are some great gift ideas—many are very practical and represent things that ukulele players need, use, and eventually need to replace or replenish!
✅ A. Flight Travel Ukuleles. They are inexpensive, rugged, sound great, and can be taken on any adventure. ($80 or less)
✅ B. Extra strings. You may need to ask what strings are a player’s preferred choice. Also, check out Flight’s new fluorocarbon strings! ($17 or less)
✅ C. Tools
• String Winder/Clipper ($12 or less)
• String Action Ruler ($10 or less)
• Music Nomad 8-in-1 Octopus Tool ($14)
• Sanding Sponge (120, 180, or 220 grit) ($10 or less)
• Fine Steel Wool (00) ($5 or less)
✅ D. Ukulele Care Products
• Fretboard Oil (Music Nomad F1 or Dunlop 66 Lemon Oil) ($10 or less)
• Ukulele Humidifier ($20 or less)
✅ E. Ukulele Accessories (check out Flight’s accessories at
• Ukulele Tuner (Generally $20 or less)
• Ukulele Strap ($25 or less)
• Ukulele Capo ($20 or less)
• Ukulele Stand ($20 or less)
✅ F. A Subscription to a Ukulele Magazine
• Ukulele Magazine ( ($24 a year)
• UKE Magazine from World of Ukes (
And if someone has been REALLY good this year, check out Flight’s Princess Series or Royal Series for a collection of top notch ukuleles with great features!
The very best wishes to everyone during this holiday season!
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