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The mysterious Low G

If you play ukulele, you are familiar with its special sound which is due to its traditional tuning, GCEA.  When the G is tuned above the C, this is called “reentrant tuning.” Why is the ukulele tuned this way?  The ukulele was…

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Ukulele Strings 2

Flight Uke Tip by Last month we discussed the strings that come with Flight ukuleles.  This month, we will talk about different strings that you might want to try on your ukulele. You should try different strings on your ukulele only if one…

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Ukulele Strings

Flight Uke Tip by Some ukulele players obsess about strings, while others don’t give them much thought.   String choice has a big impact on the sound of your instrument.  There are many brands and types of ukulele strings, which are made around the…

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