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Flight is proud to announce a new tutorial series on its YouTube channel, a special series by Tyler from @tenthumbspro in which you will learn how to become a 4-string Rockstar. While solid body ukuleles share the tuning of a linear GCEA ukulele, Solid body electric ukuleles have metal strings and require pickups and amplification to produce sound. We’ve partnered up with Tyler in order to help acoustic and electro-acoustic ukulele players learn the special skills and techniques that are needed to make the most of a solid body electric ukulele, such as the Flight Rock Series.

Here’s the list of topics:

1 – pick
2 – power chords
3 – palm muting
4 – first scale
5 – blues shuffle
6 – slide
7 – tone

Ready to rock? Go to the playlist and start your journey with Flight new electric ukes!

Solid Body Electric Uke Series - Episode 1 - Playing with a Pick

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