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3 Flight Ukuleles in Southern Ukulele Store’s “TOP 10 UKULELES OF 2023”

Annually, the globally acclaimed Southern Ukulele Store sets the stage for anticipation, unveiling its eagerly awaited top 10 list, showcasing the zenith of ukulele excellence. The 2023 edition of this captivating event proved nothing short of spectacular, thrusting Flight into the limelight with an impressive display of dominance in the rankings. Three of our exceptional ukuleles not only secured their places but claimed highly coveted positions, sparking waves of anticipation and enthusiasm throughout the musical community.

The Flight Iris Series Ukuleles distinguished themselves with pride, securing an impressive 8th place. Following suit, the Flight Comet Ukulele soared to an admirable 4th spot, a testament to its exceptional craftsmanship and undeniable appeal. Yet, the pinnacle of this musical triumph was reserved for the outstanding Flight 4SB Signature 4stringboy Ukulele, basking in the glory of the coveted first-place honors and standing as a beacon of innovation and artistry.

As the Southern Ukulele Store team delved into a meticulous analysis of the 2023 ukulele releases, Flight’s resounding success took center stage in this annual celebration of musical craftsmanship, marking yet another triumphant chapter in Flight’s enduring legacy within the ukulele scene.

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