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Flight Elise Ecklund Signature Concert Ukulele


5.0 (4 reviews)

A classy ukulele with a warm, happy sound. The rosette design pairs perfectly with the diamond shaped markers on the fretboard. This mahogany uke is a great choice whether you are just starting out or if you have been playing for years. We partnered with Elise Ecklund to design this instrument to be something special for everyone who will practice, write, play, and perform with it.

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Flight Elise Ecklund Signature

Concert Ukulele

Let Your Music Take

Company Logo

Warm and Sweet

Mahogany Wood

The body of this ukulele is made of mahogany, which is a hardwood used to make quality musical instruments for centuries. Its colour can vary a fair amount, from a pale pinkish brown to a darker reddish brown, and it tends to darken with age. Mahogany wood is known for its silky warm tone, which is why Elise decided to go with it, and we feel that it matches her personality really well. Elise also sent us hand-drawn designs of the rosette, which we converted into this lovely laser engraving.

Let's play.

Okoume Neck & Blackwood Fingerboard

Elise wanted to use diamond-shaped markers for the fretboard inlays, adding a classy touch to her creation. The neck and fingerboard of this ukulele are made from African okoume and blackwood. It’s a great combination that guarantees a stable intonation across the fretboard, is gentle to your hands, and looks great as well.

Pitch perfect.

Classy Blackwood Bridge

Elise decided to go with the rounded bridge completing the overall look perfectly. The nut and saddle of this ukulele are set in such way that you would never have to worry about intonation, because we took care of it for you.

It all starts with the head.

Good-looking and easy to tune.

This ukulele features a crown headstock chosen by Elise with her signature in the middle. It is also fitted with geared tuners that will always stay in tune.


Light and Stylish Gigbag

Excellent Protection for Your Uke

Light and stylish, yet offering excellent protection for your ukulele, Flight gigbags have already become legendary and with one hanging off your shoulder you will definitely make heads turn.

Elise Ecklund Signature

Unique Color Box

Elise told us exactly how she wanted the box – black with a mandala print in turquoise. And we made it happen! It was really easy to design with such clear directions and made working with Elise a real pleasure.


Instructional booklet

Learn in style.

We have also designed a cute 8-page guide to help you on the road to future ukulele fame. It is packed with all the necessary information needed for a quick start including chord charts, strumming patterns and chord progressions for your first drills.


Every tiny detail matters.


Body Shape: Concert (17 frets)
Top: African Mahogany
Back & Side: African Mahogany
Bridge: Blackwood


Neck: African Okoume
Fretboard: Blackwood
Nut & Saddle: High-quality plastic


Position Markers: 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th and 15th frets.
Premium Features: Diamond Inlay fretboard markers, Elise signature engraving on the headstock, Arched back, Geared Tuners, Laser Engraved Rosette, Improved construction and build.
Free padded gigbag, a note from Elise and instructional booklet included!

Unboxing video

Watch Elise unbox and play her signature ukulele! 🙂

4 reviews for Flight Elise Ecklund Signature Concert Ukulele

  1. Jalissa

    Amazing quality and great sound!!!

  2. Jillian

    Came way quicker than the suggested delivery date said, but it did take a month since I live in the US but i understand that. It arrived in time for Christmas and I love everything about it! Elise practically made my dream ukulele with the design around the sound hole and the light color. I have been playing for about 7 months and needed a better ike. Glad I spent my money on it.

  3. lee

    I live in the US and it arrived in only 3 days. it was a pleasant surprise since it wasn’t supposed to be in until mid-January. i’ve had it for a while and I can say even being new, the tuners stayed in place. I couldn’t hear it going out of tune until like 3 days after i had it. The smell is notable. it smells so much better than my previous uke, idk it kind of smells like a forest and it just smells hella nice. this was my first concert uke and i can say, just generally about concert ukes, they’re much easier to switch chords on. the frets are larger which would suit larger fingertips. The sound this uke makes is so puncturing, it’s hard to describe but it comes through so clearly. i can confidently say this is the best ukulele i’ve ever purchased.

  4. Anna

    I really like the design and the sound of it and Flight is very understanding. When my uke arrived it had some incisions and bumps and the box was damaged. After contacting flight they sent me a new uke and it is perfect. When I got my second one the wood pattern was different and it means that each one is unique. Definitely a great ukulele especially for beginners.

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