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Flight Victoria CEQ Concert Ukulele


The Victoria is worthy of its royal title.  The combination of the solid top spruce and resonant acacia back and sides gives this instrument a lively, rich tone that will truly have you feeling regal.  With an armrest and unique round cutaway for extended fretboard access, the advanced player will enjoy a comfortable and pleasurable playing experience. The ebony fretboard outfitted with Japanese fluorocarbon strings is crowned with a stunning slotted headstock.  With all of its high end attributes and striking features, Princess Victoria has everything an advanced player could ever desire.


Flight Victoria Concert CEQ

Concert Electro-Acoustic Ukulele with cutaway and armrest

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A heavenly combination

Sitka spruce and acacia

Spruce is the brightest of all tone woods, while acacia is known to be richer and warmer, so together they are a match made in heaven. The acacia back works to mellow out the punchy brightness of the highest grade solid spruce, giving it a rounder tone.

Let's play.

African Mahogany neck & Ebony Fingerboard

African Mahogany neck provides stability, warm tone and a smooth feeling while playing. Fingerboard is made out of ebony. Ebony is a dark and dense hardwood, sometimes considered the most valuable wood in the world, which is why it is associated with high-class, premium instruments, such as our Victoria.

Pitch perfect.

Bone Nut, Bone Compensated Saddle

Victoria features real bone nut and compensated saddle. Compensated saddles not only look cool, they also improve the playability by correctly setting intonation of each string to help produce the best tone and performance possible.

Real temptation

Stylish cutaway

Modern and slick cutaway makes it possible to reach as high as your soul wishes, without influencing the tone as much as traditional cutaways do.

Everything for the comfort

Slick Armrest

Ebony armrest was designed to provide a smooth surface for your playing arm to rest on, making this ukulele as comfy as a Victorian couch, but looking as modern as a Flight ukulele should be.

Tiny yet mighty.

Artec PP404U Passive Piezo

In 2019 we have changed our FU-T3 active pickup system into Artec PP404U, preferred by professionals worldwide.  It makes the ukulele lighter and more balanced, eliminates the unwanted string rattle and provides as a strap button… What more can you ask for?

It all starts with the head.

Good-looking and easy to tune.

As expected of a higher-class instrument, Victoria features a slotted headstock, adding glamour to its already striking and unique look.

Light and Stylish Gigbag

Excellent Protection for Your Uke

Light and stylish, yet offering excellent protection for your ukulele, Flight gigbags have already become legendary and with one hanging off your shoulder you will definitely make heads turn. Since everything in the Princess series has to be bigger and better, we made this gigbag with 20mm padding.


Every tiny detail matters.


Body Shape: Concert (18 frets)
Top: Solid Sitka Spruce
Back & Side: Acacia
Bridge: Ebony


Neck: African Mahogany
Fretboard: Ebony
Nut & Saddle: Bone (compensated saddle)
Nut Width: 36mm


Flight FU-T3 Pickup with built-in tuner


Position Markers: 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th and 15th frets.
Premium Features: Ebony armrest, special cutaway, slotted headstock, Japanese fluorocarbon strings
Free padded gigbag included!

Artists of Flight Victoria CEQ Concert Ukulele

Below are the Artists who are playing this ukulele.

In Action

See the Flight Victoria Concert in Action.

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