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Flight FLUST01BL Blue Ukulele Stand


Flight offers a growing selection of affordable ukulele accessories, such as this blue ukulele stand.  Made of lightweight aluminum, and able to collapse for travel, the stand is the perfect accessory to bring along so that you can store your ukulele safely when you take a break from playing.  The rubber feet on the stand will keep it from moving, and the rubber pads on the stand will keep your ukulele in its place until you are ready to play again.

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Flight FLUST01BL

Blue Aluminum Ukulele Stand

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Give it a rest

Take a break with peace of mind

Breaks are a natural part of playing.  When you take that break, what do you do with your ukulele?  It can be dangerous to leave a ukulele on the floor, on a chair, or on a table–so how about a stand?  The Flight Ukulele Stand is made from aluminum and collapses for travel–and is the ideal location for your ukulele when you need to take a break.

Feature rich

Not your average ukulele stand

The Flight Ukulele Stand is made of lightweight aluminum, and it collapses for travel, meaning that you can take it with you wherever you plan to play.  The stand features rubber feet to keep it from sliding, and rubber bumpers to keep the ukulele in its place.

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Other great ukulele accessories

Flight offers a growing collection of ukulele accessories, including strings, straps, stands, and humidifiers.  Check out the entire collection of accessories from Flight!

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