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Flight KZT Eden Ecklund Signature Kazoo


What is this?  Flight now offers signature edition kazoos! We have partnered with the Ecklund sisters to design these beautiful, durable kazoos that you can always bring with you. Our signature kazoos are made from aluminum and come in purple and turquoise. Are you ready to try out the coolest accessory ever? If so, our signature kazoos are waiting for you! Bring out your inner child, have fun, and add a little bit of spice to your tunes!


Flight KZT Signature Kazoo

Eden Ecklund Signature Kazoo

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Small But Mighty

A new addition to your uke tunes

This stunning turquoise kazoo is made with a matte finish, in one of  Eden’s favorite colors. This amazing little instrument matches perfectly with the Elise Ecklund City signature ukulele and its blue sunset design, but you can play this kazoo with any Flight ukulele… it will always be a perfect match and accessory!

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