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Flight Pathfinder Tenor Relic Ukulele


Ready to take your electric ukulele playing to the next level? The Flight Pathfinder Solid Body Tenor Relic Ukulele is the perfect instrument for any player looking for a unique and high-quality electric ukulele. With a vintage-inspired look and modern features, this expertly distressed ukulele is crafted to deliver stunning sound and style. Black basswood body and roasted maple neck create a classic look, while the humbucker and single coil pickups, hardtail fixed bridge, and chrome hardware provide a wide range of tonal possibilities. With its exceptional playability and versatile sound, the Flight Pathfinder Relic is a fantastic choice for any player looking to take their electric ukulele journey to new heights. Buy yours today and experience the unbeatable combination of vintage style and modern performance!

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Flight Pathfinder Relic Tenor Ukulele

Solid body electric ukulele with dual cutaway body

Let your music take

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Baswood goodness

Distressed basswood body

The Flight Pathfinder Relic Electric Ukulele is made of high-quality basswood. Its unique “distressed” finish gives this electric ukulele a one-of-a-kind vintage-inspired look that’s unmatched by any other instrument.

Let's play

Maple neck

In the tradition of solid body electric guitars, the Flight Pathfinder Relic features a neck made of roasted maple, which is strong, stable, and looks great!

Classic design

Dual cutaways

The Flight Pathfinder Relic features dual cutaways, providing access to the higher frets and sharing its styling with the many different dual cutaway electric guitars that are on the market.

A great playing experience

Bone nut, zero fret, and hardtail fixed bridge

The Flight Pathfinder Relic features a real bone nut, zero fret, and hardtail fixed bridge, to provide consistent string spacing, good intonation, good action, and to help to generate a wonderful core tone.

Traditional electric components

Humbucker, Single Coil, or Both?

You will be able to find just the right sound with the electrics on the Flight Pathfinder Relic. The solid electric body ukulele includes two pickups: one humbucker pickup, and a single coil pickup, chrome volume and tone controls, and a three way switch allowing you to use a single pickup or both!

It all starts with the head

Inline tuners

Completing its appearance, the Flight Pathfinder Relic includes an inline headstock, offering great looks and making the instrument easy to tune with its closed gear tuners.

Light blue gig bag

All the protection you need

For the Rock Series, Flight has introduced a new shade of gig bag: light blue.  The gig bag is padded with 15mm of padding, with a padded handle and front pocket,  keeping your solid body electric ukulele safe during your travels.


Every tiny detail matters


Body Shape: Tenor (22 frets, 14 to body)
Body: Black Distressed Basswood


Neck: Roasted Maple
Fretboard: Roasted Maple
Nut: Bone
Nut Width: 35mm
Bridge: Hardtail Fixed Bridge
String Method: Body Through


Pickups: 1 Humbucker Pickup, 1 Single Coil Pickup, and a Three-Way Switch


Position Markers: 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th and 15th, and 17th frets.
Tuning: Linear GCEA
String Gauges: 
・1st String: 0.010 inches
・2nd String: 0.013 inches
・3rd String: 0.017 inches
・4th String: 0.026 inches
Premium Features: Tenor ukulele, electric ukulele, relic ukulele, solid body, metal strings, dual cutaway, black top, basswood body, roasted maple neck, bone nut, closed geared tuners, zero fret, linear headstock, black front position markers, side position markers, white ABS binding, chrome controls, humbucker and single coil pickups, controls for volume and tone, three-way switch, and hardtail fixed bridge.
15mm padded gig bag included!

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