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Flight S35 Jungle


The jungle. Beautiful, lush, chaotic and perfectly designed to support life. It holds many beautiful secrets and sounds that you could listen to all day.

The strap adjusts in length and features high quality leather strap ends and a leather tie-back. Flight wants you to be able to focus on being the best musician you can be, and a strap can help you with that process. Ukulele straps look great, offer peace of mind, provide comfort, and liberate your chording hand to be able to move up and own the neck without worrying about how to hold and support your ukulele.

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Flight S35 Jungle

Polyester Ukulele Strap

Let Your Music Take

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A ukulele strap will keep your ukulele stable and close to your chest.
Made from polyester, this strap will last a lifetime, is washable, and is very light.
People often overlook the features of a ukulele strap and how it designed.
Flight ukulele straps are not only attractive, but they are also high quality straps that are designed to last.

Be In Control.

Black Buckle

The adjustable buckle on the strap makes it suitable for any ukulele, Soprano to Baritone.
The plastic buckle will not damage or scratch your ukulele.

It's not only about Style

Leather Strength

The leather strap ends add strength and style to the strap, and connect the strap firmly to the strap button on your ukulele.

Cute and Stylish


This Ukulele Strap includes  a leather headstock strap with a cute star button.
The headstock strap helps balance the ukulele and is more secure than using a cord that could fray and is fiddly to tie.

Environmentally Aware

Eco-friendly box

Flight wants to play its part in protecting the environment, so the strap features eco-friendly packaging.

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