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Flight S54 Brown Leather Strap


The Flight S54 Strap is a brown leather strap that is handmade in Greece. The straps are durable and long lasting, and will help to make sure that you are ready to gig at a moment’s notice. Straps look great, offer peace of mind, provide comfort, and liberate your chording hand to be able to move up and own the neck without worrying about how to hold and support your instrument.

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Flight S54 Strap

Brown Leather Strap

Let your music take

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Wide and adjustable

Adjustable length, wide leather strap

The Flight S54 Brown Leather Strap is 50mm (2″) wide and expands from 96 cm (38″)  to 115 cm (45″) for players of all shapes and sizes.

Durable and long lasting

Strong leather

The Flight S54 Brown Strap is made of strong, long lasting leather, sourced in Europe and made in Greece.

Connect your way

Headstock string included

The Flight S54 Strap has strap button slots on each strap end, and includes a headstock string if you don’t have a top strap button.


Every tiny detail matters.

About the Strap

Color: Brown
Material: Leather
Maximum Length: 115 cm or 45″
Minimum Length: 96 cm or 38″
Strap Width: 50mm or 2″
Headstock String: Included
Availability: EU Only


Premium Features: Brown leather strap, headstock string, made in Greece.

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