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Flight TUS-MARTY Marty Dominguez Signature Travel Soprano Ukulele


A perfect uke for young princesses! This pretty ukulele features a white wood pattern with pink outline, paired with a matching gig bag. It was created in collaboration with Marty Dominguez, a young and aspiring artist from Argentina. Being a Travel ukulele, it is also indestructible and has an amazing sound projection thanks to its ABS plastic body.

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Marty Dominguez Signature Travel Soprano Ukulele


Marty Dominguez is a young, aspiring singer-songwriter from Argentina. Although only 16 years old, she has already released several professional music videos for her original songs, gathering an army of fans on Social Media along the way. With such quality content being made at such a young age, we’re already wondering what she will surprise us with in the future.


We are very excited to be able to secure Marty as an exclusive Flight artist and to have worked with her on this ukulele.

Let Your Music Take

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Thanks to a wider arched ABS back, this baby has more volume in middle range than your average soprano, while also resonating better and sounding brighter. It is needless to mention the durability and resistance to humidity changes, the main enemies of the wooden ukuleles.

Bright and Funky

Linden wood

The TUS35 uses laminate linden wood for the sound board. Linden is characterized by a bright sound and sleek texture  It also allows us to print our custom designs on the sound board without compromising the sound quality of the instrument.

Let's play.

ABS Neck & Fingerboard

The neck and fingerboard are made from ABS plastic. It is a perfect solution for entry class ukuleles, since it is not prone to any weather changes. You will never get a sharp fret or bent neck in any of our Travel ukuleles. The neck surface imitates the wood pattern, to avoid a feeling of cheap plastic.

Pitch perfect quality.

Zero fret & ABS Saddle

Zero fret paired with unique bridge construction keeps the string action low and intonation on point. Since the plastic is never going to move, you will never have to deal with any additional work on the saddle.

Fasten your seat belts.

Black strap button

Rounded back construction of this uke made adding a strap button a real necessity, so that it would not slide against your chest.

It all starts with the head.

Good-looking and easy to tune.

Headstock design is an integral part of our identity. The headstock veneer is made of linden to match the top and features Marty’s signature.

MartyD Style

Always ready to go

All Flight Travel ukes feature a blue denim color gig bag, but Marty, like a true princess, wanted a different one, very cute white one with pink binding.

Instructional booklet

Learn in style

We have designed a cute 8-page guide to help you on the road to future ukulele fame. It is packed with all the necessary information needed for a quick start including chord charts, strumming patterns and chord progressions for your first drills.

We also included a cool sticker pack from Flight.


Every tiny detail matters.


Body Shape: Soprano (15 frets)
Top: Laminate Linden
Back & Side: ABS
Bridge: ABS
Color: White Wood
Strings: Aquila Nylgut
Strap Button: Yes


Neck: ABS
Fretboard: ABS
Nut & Saddle: ABS
Nut & Width: 35,6mm


Position Markers: 5th, 7th, 10th and 12th frets.
Premium Features: Aquila Strings, Zero Fret, Strap Button, Wooden Top, Arched back, Open Geared Tuners, ABS Fretboard, Side Position Markers, Gig Bag.

Artists of Flight TUS-MARTY Signature Ukulele

Below are the Artists who are playing this ukulele.

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