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Flight Ukulele NAMM Performances Schedule

Thursday 16th January

12 – Elise & Eden Ecklund

14.30 – Matt Taylor, U CAN UKE

15.30  – Timmy Cruz & Bernadette

16.00 – Dani Usero

Friday 17th January

11.30 – Elise & Eden Ecklund

13.00 – Matt Taylor, U CAN UKE

12.00 – Timmy Cruz & Bernadette

15.00 – Dani Usero

15.30 – Nico Perrico

17.00 – Dani Usero

Saturday 18th January

10.00 – Matt U CAN UKE

12.00 – Nico Perriro

14.00 – Dani Usero

15.00 – Elise & Eden Ecklund

16.30 – Nico Perrico

Sunday 19th January

12.00 – Dani Usero

13.00 – Nico Perrico


“Let your music take Flight” is what the Flight ukulele brand is achieving with their sponsored artists this year at NAMM. Flight maintains a strong presence in social media, collaborating and partnering with YouTubers, Instagrammers, and bloggers to bring ukulele to the masses.  Four members of the Flight Crew, exclusive Flight artists, will be “taking flight” and attending the show with the brand.  Flight’s connection with various ukulele festivals and music industry trade shows brings opportunities for these artists to perform in live settings beyond their social media platforms.

Elise & Eden Ecklund are sisters from Oklahoma who are known for their fun and inspiring videos on YouTube. Elise Ecklund is popular with younger audiences and has amassed more than 1.5 million YouTube subscribers. She recently returned from a one-month European tour which was held with the support of Hal Leonard Europe. Elise will also perform at Sheraton Park on 15th January at 6pm through Bands at NAMM.

Matt Taylor, also known as U Can Uke, runs one of the most successful ukulele channels on YouTube. With more than 284,000 subscribers, he is known for smooth ukulele covers, tutorials, and play-along videos.

Dani Usero, a Spanish multi-instrumentalist from Barcelona, is known for exploring a wide variety of styles: from Bon Jovi to jazz, and from modern to classical music. With undeniable technique, a unique style of playing, and infectious passion on stage, he is a true showstopper no matter where he performs.

Flight ukulele NAMM booth – 1510.



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