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Peter’s Flight: A Harmonious Tour Across the Netherlands

When I was first asked by Juliana to help across the Netherlands with promoting the Flight brand, I jumped at it. I was to appear alongside Evelyn Brouwers in three of the Bax music stores demonstrating my signature ukulele. I felt like a celebrity being picked up at the airport  and taken to my hotel in central Amsterdam. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, we met up with Juliana and an hour later and we hit the road on our way to Bax Music in Apeldoorn. After setting up a small stage, Flight Banners, and an impressive ukulele display – including my 2 signature instruments – it was time to Rock & Roll. I provided a short workshop and demonstration concert, followed by letting the customers try out the products.

Back to base camp for a meal and then a good night’s sleep. The following day we stayed local, appearing at Bax Amsterdam around lunch time. This was a larger venue than the first within a PA demonstration room that was sealed off from the rest of the store. Any would be Metallica guitarists were isolated. Perfect.

The next day was the turn of Bax Rotterdam. This was more open plan, but we had the most people watching of all three venues. Juliana made an impressive backdrop with two Flight pull up banners. Both Evelyn and I were well received, and we mixed with the audience afterwards. Following that, it was quick trip to the airport for me to head home.

Although it was a whistle stop tour, it was great to participate on the weekend and I hope it proved to the BAX stores management that Flight not only has great products but believes in promoting its artists too. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

– Peter Moss

Check out some clips from the Bax events.

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