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Flight FC-EE Elise Ecklund Signature Ukulele Capo


Flight continues its partnership with YouTuber Elise Ecklund with this high quality capo. The capo features an aluminum frame, purple finish, and Elise Ecklund’s signature. The capo’s trigger design allows you to quickly place and move the capo with one hand.


Flight FC-EE Ukulele Capo

Elise Ecklund Signature

Let Your Music Take

Company Logo

Shifting Tonalities

Change the key on the fly

Made specifically for the ukulele, this spring loaded capo is a perfect fit for Flight ukuleles without risk of buzz or damage to your instrument. This capo is made with a matte finish in a stunning purple which just so happens to be one of Elise’s favourite colours. This amazing little tool goes perfectly with the Elise Ecklund signature ukulele and its’ purple sunset and mountains, but you can use this capo with any instrument in the Flight ukulele range.


Color box

Flight also want to play its part in protecting the environment which is why your capo will arrive in a nice eco-friendly protective box.

Be Sure to Check Out

Elise Ecklund Signature Ukulele Pack

You can get the capo alone or as part of a special Elise Ecklund Signature Ukulele pack, which includes the phenomenally popular Elise Ecklund Signature Sunset Ukulele, a Flight FTC-33 electronic tuner with a colour display, gig bag, signature strap, signature capo and the Elise Ecklund songbook.

You can find it here.

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