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Flight Peter Moss Signature Concert Ukulele


If you haven’t yet heard Peter Moss play the ukulele, go and do that now! When you do, you will understand why we decided to collaborate with Peter and to create a one-of-a-kind ukulele! This ukulele reflects everything about Peter’s playing style – sophisticated, precise, warm and unique. Peter, who is a long-time player of our Flight Spirit Concert model, wanted to keep some of his favorite features of the Spirit like the scalloped cutaway, offset fret markers, active pickup and our famous Flight signature headstock.  He then wanted to combine these features with a classic wood combination that isn’t featured on any other Flight ukulele – spruce and mahogany! This combo combines the brightness and projection that you expect from spruce with the warmth and roundness of mahogany – offering the perfect balanced sound. To add to this timeless pairing, the moonburst stain gives this uke a really striking appearance. This ukulele is like an old classic with a modern twist, what more could you ask for?


Peter Moss Signature

Concert Ukulele

Let Your Music Take

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A classic gets a makeover

Solid African Mahogany paired with solid spruce

We paired a solid African Mahogany body with a solid Spruce top for a sound that is both traditional and modern. Mahogany is a warm and resonant sounding tonewood with a long heritage in the making of ukuleles. The mahogany body combined with a solid spruce top adds brightness and projection, providing a ukulele that is balanced, responsive, and chimes like a bell!

Sophistication and style

Unique Moonburst Stain

Spruce, although a great sounding tonewood, can sometimes look quite plain so we decided to ‘spruce’ up the appearance of this ukulele with a dark burst. Imagine a sunburst in black and white and you have our ‘moonburst.’  The result is a classic look with a modern twist!

Tasteful Appointments

Pearloid Rosette, position markers and white binding

The gorgeous pearloid rosette and white binding tastefully finish off the sophisticated look of this ukulele and add a touch of luxury. The off-set fret markers are eye-catching and are easier to see when playing. Side position markers also add to the ease of reference.

Beautiful rosewood

Rosewood fretboard and bridge

Like many of our Royal Series from 2020 onwards, the Peter Moss model features a gorgeous chocolatey Rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Historically a very popular hardwood for fretted instruments, rosewood can add warmth to the sound of an instrument while lessening harsh higher frequencies of an instrument.

Real temptation

Stylish cutaway

The scalloped cutaway that has been so popular with the Spirit, Mustang and Victoria models was also included in this model. This intelligent design allows for playing up the frets but without the compromise on volume and tone that many full cutaways inflict. It also showcases the absolute craftsmanship and mastery of our luthiers.

Infinite sustain

String-through bridge

The string-through bridge is used on many of our Royal series ukuleles and is one of the latest ukulele trends. It makes the top resonate better, as the strings are attached directly through the soundboard, and not to the bridge. Changing the strings might seem a bit confusing at first, but actually it is easier – check our YouTube channel for a tutorial on how to change the strings if you are unsure how to do so.

Strings ‘Worth’y of the instrument

Worth Brown strings as standard

Worth Browns were an obvious choice for this ukulele as they perfectly match the tone and looks of the instrument: offering both a precise clarity with a warmth that is as balanced as the uke itself.

Small yet mighty

Double C1U active pickup

The controls for the active pickup are mounted underneath the sound hole, meaning that a cavity does not have to be created on the side of the ukulele for the pickup.  The Double C1U is easy to use, and sounds great!

The famous Flight headstock

Bold and striking

Our now famous signature headstock is bold and striking, infusing innovation into all the benefits of a slotted headstock. Its round, airy shape not only looks amazing, it also makes the headstock lighter than most. You will certainly be turning heads…and tuners..with this headstock.

Only the best gig bag

Royal burgundy

All of our Royal series ukuleles come with a luxury red gig bag with a purple infusion. Associated with royalty, this regal color adds a final touch to our Royal Series.  The bag features 20mm padding which is thick and will ensure good protection for your uke.

Instructional booklet

Learn in style.

The ukulele comes with a Flight instructional booklet to help you on your road to future ukulele fame. It is packed with all the information needed for a quick start on the ukulele, including chord charts, strumming patterns, and tabs for an original song by Elise Ecklund!

We also included a cool sticker pack from Flight.


Every tiny detail matters.


Body Shape: Concert (17 frets)
Top: Solid Spruce
Back & Side: Solid Mahogany
Bridge: Rosewood


Neck: Mahogany
Fretboard: Rosewood
Nut & Saddle: Bone
Nut Width: 36mm

Strings: Worth Brown


Offset Position Markers: 3th, 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th and 15th frets.
Premium Features: Offset position markers, Moonburst Stain, Scalloped cutaway, Rosewood fretboard, Unique headstock, String-through bridge, Worth strings
Deluxe 20mm padded gig bag included.

Peter and his new uke!

Watch Peter present his signature Ukulele! 🙂

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