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Flight FHU-SL Ukulele Humidifier


Here at Flight we like to balance quality with affordability. New to the range of accessories is the Flight humidifier which will ensure you can play all year round, whatever the climate.


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Flight FHU-SL Ukulele Humidifier

Silver Ukulele humidifier

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Why do you need a humidifier?

If you live in an area where there is little humidity, then the wood of any instrument can dry and warp causing issues with playability- fret buzz, dead string sounds etc. This isn’t a design fault. It’s how wood behaves naturally. We love the instruments we make and we want you to continue to enjoy them. If looked after properly they will last for generations.


Eco-friendly packaging

Comes in an eco friendly biodegradable carton box.

Comes in an attractive silver or black.

Simple to operate and fits easily into the soundhole of your instrument.

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