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Ukulele Strings 2

Flight Uke Tip by

Last month we discussed the strings that come with Flight ukuleles.  This month, we will talk about different strings that you might want to try on your ukulele.

You should try different strings on your ukulele only if one of two things are true.   First, if you don’t like the sound or feel of your ukulele, switching to different strings can change how your instrument plays.  Second, if you are curious about how different strings might impact the sound your ukulele, strings are (relatively) inexpensive and it can be fun to experiment.  If you change the type of strings that you use, give the new strings time to “settle” at least a month on your ukulele before you try another set of strings.  If things don’t work out, you can always go back to the the brand of strings that you were previously using.

String choice is highly subjective—some players even mix strings from different sets!

If your ukulele has white Aquila Super Nylgut Strings, try a clear string, such as Aquila Sugar Strings or a clear fluorocarbon string set.  There are many clear fluorocarbon strings available, such as Martin, Worth, Oasis, D’Addario Pro-Arté, and Living Waters.  Flight is developing their own fluorocarbon strings which will be released later this year.

If you have clear strings, you may want to try Worth Browns, Aquila Reds, or Fremont Blacks. For example, our Victoria uke comes with clear fluorocarbon strings and in the pic below it is stringed with Aquila Reds.

If your ukulele has brown, red, or black strings, you may want to try Aquila Super Nylgut strings, or you could try any of the clear strings listed above.

Nylon strings had a bad reputation in the past, but string makers continue to improve their products.  If you want to try nylon strings, check out Ernie Ball or D’Addario.  D’Addario also sells Titanium strings which are clear with a purple hue, and Martin sells “Polygut” Premium strings that are gray.

Not all strings may be available at your local dealer.  If your local dealer cannot order strings for you, check with the large internet ukulele dealers or with a string specialty store.

Thanks for reading this month’s Flight Uke Tip!  Next month we will discuss the topic of Low G.
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