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Signature BEAUTY!

Signature uke with a classy look and a warm, happy sound!

The Flight Elise Ecklund Signature Ukulele is a concert-sized uke made from laminate mahogany, which gives it a beautiful mellow tone that will definitely win your heart. With a lovely rossette design and delicate details like its diamond shaped markers on the fretboard, this uke brings back the traditional ukulele look with a little bit of spice. A unique instrument from every angle!

Naturally, the Flight Elise Ecklund Signature Ukulele has become one of the star ukes among the ukulele community. If you’re looking for a special addition to your uke collection, the Elise Signature is a great choice🤩

The Signature Series features a small collection of ukuleles with the most incredible and unique designs! Make sure to check them out:

Flight TUC-UCU Concert Travel Ukulele

Flight Alyona Shvetz Signature Ukulele

Flight TUS-EE SUNSET PACK Elise Ecklund Signature Travel Soprano Ukulele Bundle

Flight TUS-MARTY Marty Dominguez Signature Travel Soprano Ukulele

Flight TUS31 SAKURA Bernadette Signature Travel Soprano Ukulele

Also, check out the Signature Accessories😉

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