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Flight Accessories

Because your uke deserves it all! We offer a wide variety of ukulele accessories that make your uke experience even cooler. Let’s take a look at them!

Straps. Flight wants you to be able to focus on being the best musician you can be, and a strap can help you with that process. Ukulele straps look great, offer peace of mind, provide comfort, and liberate your chording hand to be able to move up and own the neck without worrying about how to hold and support your ukulele. Take a look at all our different straps! You’ll find cool colorful designs and stylish straps.

TINY 6 Portable Amplifier. The small amp provides four to five hours of juice while on the beach or at home. The amp is housed in a sleek walnut-effect casing, and the amp is fully compatible with effects pedals.  With the experience of playing through an amplifier, the Tiny6 will become your gateway to the stage. Now for the real magic—the amp has Bluetooth capability, allowing it to stream audio from a mobile device. Take it with you wherever you go. Are you ready for a new incredible experience?

Capos. The spring loaded mechanism of the capo allows you to quickly change the key of your instrument, allowing your music to take Flight in whatever key you choose. Undoubtedly, the capo is the best friend of the ukulele! It allows you to expand the songs you can learn on your uke and play with different keys however you want.

Humidifier. If you live in an area where there is little humidity, then the wood of any instrument can dry and warp causing issues with playability- fret buzz, dead string sounds etc. This isn’t a design fault. It’s how wood behaves naturally. We love the instruments we make and we want you to continue to enjoy them. If looked after properly they will last for generations. Flight humidifier comes to the rescue!

Strings. Often overlooked, strings have a tremendous impact on the feel and sound of a ukulele.  Flight fluorocarbon strings are made in Japan, are clear, and result in a clean, crisp, clear, and bell-like tone quality.  Why not try a set of Flight fluorocarbon strings on your ukulele today?

Ukulele Stands. Made of lightweight aluminum, and able to collapse for travel, the stand is the perfect accessory to bring along so that you can store your ukulele safely when you take a break from playing. The rubber feet on the stand will keep it from moving, and the rubber pads on the stand will keep your ukulele in its place until you are ready to play again. What are you waiting for to get yours?

Also, make sure to check out our Gig bags, Soundwave System and Merch (T-shirts, hoodies, mug). Ukulele accessories rock!


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